Hi, I'm Steph

I'm a web developer and designer.

I'm an avid reader, I love all things outer space-related and my favorite sounds are of the ocean and of my dogs snoring.

I learned coding so that I could harness both the creative and analytical sides of my brain and personality, and meld them into an art form to make beautiful and functional things.


Design | Development | SEO

  • Design

    UI/UX |
    Beautiful | Functional

  • Development

    React.js | Gatsby.js | Netlify |
    Squarespace | Wordpress

  • SEO

    Metatags |
    Canonical URLs


Freelance | Open Source

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Contract | Freelance

One of the most important aspects of taking on a project is having a firm understanding of the overall vision.
My process involves actively listening, being pro-active, having soft skills and using common sense.

I'm available for contract and freelance projects. Would love to hear from you.